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2023 unveilings focus on performance and protection for a wider range of vehicles.

The Royal Purple® brand, manufacturer of premium synthetic oils and performance chemicals, is gearing up for this year’s SEMA and AAPEX shows in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees will be the first to learn about new premium, high-performance Royal Purple® products and the newly designed one-quart synthetic oil bottle.

SEMA and AAPEX run simultaneously, with SEMA revealing the latest insights for car enthusiasts from October 31 to November 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. AAPEX will be sharing what’s new in the automotive aftermarket industry from October 31 to November 2 at the Venetian Expo.

Here’s what attendees can expect from the Royal Purple® brand this year:

New and Improved Products

SEMA and AAPEX attendees will have the first opportunity to learn about the Royal Purple® brand’s new premium products.

“We are excited to continue building our product portfolio to provide consumers and businesses with superior engine performance and unsurpassed engine protection,” said Jeff Hartl, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Performance Brands for Calumet Specialty Products. “Whether they’re looking for a boost on the track, protection for the day-to-day commute, efficiency and energy savings at their industrial plants, or reliability for long-haul fleets, Royal Purple is ready to provide the best-possible solutions to drive performance no matter what drives our customers.”

  • Royal Purple® Duralec® Ultra™ Oil is a premium, high-performance diesel motor oil formulated with Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology that optimizes engine performance and provides superior protection in rigorous on-highway or off-highway applications. The Synerlec® additive provides unsurpassed film strength and lubricity, up to 4X more than top competitors. In addition, advanced synthetic solvency reduces engine deposits and keeps engines clean. The net result is a better-performing engine with reduced downtime and lower cost of ownership. The Royal Purple® brand recommends it for use in a variety of heavy-duty applications, including commuting, over-the-road trucking, agriculture, construction and mining.
  • Royal Purple® HMX® Oil 0W-20 is the newest viscosity available for the Royal Purple brand’s premium synthetic, high-mileage motor oil line. This HMX® product is specifically formulated with robust zinc/phosphorus antiwear additives and Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology to minimize wear, as well as restore lost engine performance. HMX® oil is chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals, reducing oil consumption common in higher-mileage engines. Stout detergents remove engine deposits and maintain cleanliness to promote engine longevity.
  • Royal Purple® High-Performance Ultra-Low Viscosity synthetic motor oil 0W-16 combines premium synthetic base oils with proprietary additive technologies to exceed protection and performance requirements of new modern engines. These often include smaller displacements, turbo chargers, gasoline direct injection (GDI) and start/stop systems. Modern gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines have achieved levels of power and fuel economy never before possible in passenger car engines. As a result, smaller engines operate at much higher loads across all engine speeds. This has caused increased wear in critical areas of the engine and created a destructive phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). The unique, state-of-the-art additive technology in Royal Purple® high-performance engine oils is designed specifically to address these issues. It helps engines maintain performance and reliability.

Newly Designed One-Quart Bottle

SEMA and AAPEX attendees will get an exclusive preview of the Royal Purple® brand’s new one-quart bottle design. The new bottle aligns with the premium positioning of the brand’s existing 5-quart bottle, and it provides a cohesive look on shelves.

Booth Information

Find the Royal Purple® team at the shows!

  • SEMA: Central Hall, Booth 23343


  • AAPEX: Venetian Expo, Booth A5082


Additional Consumer Products Being Highlighted Include:

  • Royal Purple® Max-Clean® fuel system cleaner and stabilizer is formulated to restore fuel economy by deeply penetrating deposits and cleaning injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers. Independent test results show an increase of up to 6.1% in fuel economy when using the Royal Purple® Max-Clean® product.
  • Royal Purple® Max-Tane® diesel additive is formulated for year-round use in all types of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines. Independent test results show an increase of up to 10% in diesel fuel economy when using the Royal Purple® Max-Tane® product.
  • Royal Purple® Duralec® Super™ diesel motor oil is specifically formulated to maximize component life, extend drain intervals and improve fuel performance.
  • The Royal Purple® Max-Atomizer™ product is a highly concentrated, high-performance fuel injector cleaner specially formulated to restore fuel economy up to 4%, remove more than 90% of fuel injector deposits and improve injector flow by 94% to improve performance.
  • The Royal Purple® Max-Boost™ product is a high-performance octane booster and fuel treatment that increases gasoline octane, reduces emissions and enhances engine performance while stabilizing fuel.
  • Royal Purple® Max-Restore High-Mileage Fuel System Treatment is a highly concentrated, high-performance fuel treatment specially formulated to solve performance problems typically found in higher-mileage vehicles. The Max-Restore™ product restores fuel economy, lowers emissions, reduces wear and restores injector flow.
  • The Royal Purple® Max ATF® product is a full-synthetic, multivehicle, high-performance, long-life automatic transmission fluid. Max ATF® transmission fluid meets the viscosity and performance requirements of late-model automatic transmission fluid specifications. The Max ATF® product maximizes fuel economy, provides smoother shifting, and dramatically reduces heat and wear to extend transmission life.

Retailers that stock Royal Purple® products include Walmart®, Amazon®, O’Reilly® Auto Parts, NAPA® Auto Parts, AutoZone® and Advance® Auto Parts. To see the full array of products and learn more, visit RoyalPurple.com.

Schedule An Interview

To schedule a meeting during SEMA and AAPEX with behind-the-scenes access to new Royal Purple® products, contact Ed Walsh with Romph Pou Agency at ewalsh@rpagency.com or (318) 465-0138.

Media Kit

Product images, team bios and more can be found in Royal Purple’s media kit: Media Kit

More information on the Royal Purple® brand and products can be found at RoyalPurple.com.