Human Rights

Human Rights

Product Supply Chain
Calumet perceives value in reviewing its product supply chain to evaluate and address human trafficking and slavery risks. Calumet does not currently have a formal review process. When a formal review process is implemented, Calumet expects to perform the review using internal resources.

Supplier Audits
Calumet reserves the right to audit our Suppliers to determine their compliance with all applicable laws, accepted business practices and important human rights. Any audits Calumet may conduct are not necessarily independent and unannounced. In the event that Calumet becomes aware of any inappropriate actions or conditions, Calumet reserves the right to demand that the Supplier take corrective measures.

Supplier Certifications
Calumet requires direct suppliers to represent and warrant all of the materials that went into the products and the labor used in relation thereto were in compliance with all laws relating to human trafficking and slavery that are applicable to the products and labor.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Calumet’s culture is founded on integrity, honesty, and full compliance with all applicable laws. Our employees are governed by Calumet’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which details the expectations that Calumet has for its employees. Calumet reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including termination, of any employee who fails to comply with the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics or applicable laws.

Employee Training
Calumet trains its employees annually on the Calumet Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.