A Commitment to Protecting the Environment

Calumet is dedicated to being accountable for continuous improvement, sustainability and social responsibility.

Calumet’s efforts to prioritize and protect the environment are focused on tracking and reducing energy consumption and air emissionswater management and conservation, as well as waste management.

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Download the Sustainability Highlights Report
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Corporate Responsibility Report

At Calumet, we care about our employees, our customers and the communities where we live and work. Below you will find detailed information on what we do to keep our team, those we serve and the environment safe, respected and protected.

Download the Sustainability Highlights Report

Protecting Our Resources

From social responsibility to operations to ethics and governance, everything we do at Calumet is designed to protect our people, our communities and our world.

Certificate for Component/Ingredient of Calumet FR-6014 Paraffin wax by the International Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc. Licensing & Certification Program for Compostable Products. This approval is for a component/ingredient only and cannot be used for claims in finished product.

Improving The World Around Us

From sustainable aviation fuel to carbon-neutral wax and BHT-free products, Calumet is committed to offering innovative sustainable products throughout our business.

Learn more about our solutions and Calumet’s unique, innovative spirit that continues to fuel the next century of solving real-world problems.

Our Sustainable Products

Our CSR Progress

Calumet’s Giving Guidelines

At Calumet, we care about the communities where we live and work. We strive to be a responsible part of the community that contributes to the greater good through charitable giving, volunteerism and employment opportunities. See our giving guidelines to apply for support, donations, or sponsorships.

Download our Giving Guidelines

Click Here for the Grant application for NW Louisiana First Responder Agencies.