TitanZero™ Carbon Neutral Wax is a candle blend made with a combination of paraffin and soy ingredients. The candle blend is formulated for excellent glass adhesion, cold and hot throw, and for high performance in a variety of manufacturing conditions.

To ensure a more environmentally friendly product, Calumet’s TitanZero ParaNatural 5475 wax blend for candles is Carbon Neutral Certified. Calumet earned certification through SCS Global Services by first having the product carbon footprint verified, then implementing a Greenhouse Gas management plan, and purchasing an equal number of carbon credits to negate the footprint.

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Carbon Neutral means the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from operational activities are compensated through funding verified carbon offset projects with a positive environmental impact. These projects reduce or remove CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other GHGs in the atmosphere that would have otherwise been emitted. Carbon Neutral products are actively helping to mitigate climate change. Calumet selected verified North American projects to offset the TitanZero wax carbon footprint that had an ‘industry-helping-industry’ approach. The projects included N2O capture and destruction, refrigerant reclamation, and wind energy.

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