The speed and success of global industry depends a great deal on Calumet products and solutions. From manufacturing and energy to transportation, our products help keep factories running, lights on, and trucks and planes moving.

Calumet knows the importance of providing high-quality, reliable solutions for our industrial customers. We also recognize our customers demand more sustainable solutions to support environmental needs.

We are committed to supplying industry-leading products and developing new innovations to further enhance our customers’ production today… and in the future.


Industrial Products

Calumet’s industrial solutions are found in factories, plants and workshops around the world. From lubricants designed specifically for air conditioning and refrigeration compressors to aviation hydraulic fluids, Calumet partners with global industry leaders to supply lubricants, process oils, paints and coatings, greases and more. Chances are, if you see a factory, our specialty products and solutions are there.