PENPURE™ white oils are refined to meet purity specifications of the USP/NF and FDA standards. Due to their extreme purity, these white oils provide an effective use as a base, emollient, lubricant, release agent, binder or excipient in multiple product applications.

Calumet offers an extensive product line of highly-refined mineral oils that are heavily credentialed to meet global standards. They are used in cosmetics, plastics and elastomers, personal care products, textile lubricants, adhesives and household cleaners.

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With our expertise, reputation and dedicated partnership, Calumet is devoted to delivering the highest-quality chemistry required for your customized product. We use ingredients sourced solely from North America for reliable traceability, and we have multiple manufacturing sites to ensure dependable sourcing.

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Mineral Oil USP

  • PENPURE 500

  • PENPURE 400

  • PENPURE 350

  • PENPURE 300

  • PENPURE 200

Light Mineral Oil NF

  • PENPURE 150

  • PENPURE 100

  • PENPURE 90

  • PENPURE 70

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