The ORCHEX® family of agricultural spray oils serve as a proven and safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases and weeds that impact crop production and profitability.

U.S. EPA-registered, ORCHEX agricultural spray oils are approved for use on a wide variety of applications, including tree crops, nut crops, row crops, ornamental and shade trees. In inert or spray applications, the unique advantages offered by ORCHEX spray oils multiply the effectiveness of active components — meaning you get the protection you need without harming the environment.

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Available in a number of grades, ORCHEX products cover an extremely wide range of crop applications and deliver insect control, weed control and disease protection.

  • ORCHEX 796

  • ORCHEX 692


The ORCHEX® Advantage

Property Benefit
Optimized Molecular WeightEnsures low phytotoxicity while maximizing pesticidal strength
High ParaffinicityEnhances pesticidal effectiveness by promoting wetting, spreading, and penetration
Low Surface Tension

Maximizes spreading coverage while enhancing attachment of pesticide to insect cuticle and plant surfaces
Low Water SolubilityProvides resistance to rain wash-off, extending pesticide longevity, and preventing seepage into soil
Low Volatility Minimizes drift and controls droplet size in aerial applications
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