CALSOL™ specialty process oils are refined from a select blend of crude oil using a state-of-the-art, multistage hydrogenation process.

These important steps give Calumet the ability to produce specialty process oils that meet currently established performance standards for a variety of uses including elastomeric rubber applications.

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The quality control practices Calumet implements regarding crude oil selection and the subsequent refining processes for CALSOL process oils ensure consistent uniformity and product performance.

Additionally, CALSOL specialty process oils do not require labeling as carcinogenic under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard.

Learn more about our CALSOL specialty process oils by downloading this brochure.

CALSOL 8 Series

  • CALSOL 806

  • CALSOL 810

  • CALSOL Calight RPO

  • CALSOL 815

  • CALSOL 850

  • CALSOL 875

  • CALSOL 8120

  • CALSOL 8240

CALSOL 5 Series

  • CALSOL 5550

  • CALSOL 5160S

CALSOL P9 Series

  • CALSOL P904

  • CALSOL P910

  • CALSOL P915

  • CALSOL P930

  • CALSOL P960

  • CALSOL P9250

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