DRAKEOL® white mineral oils are among the most versatile specialty products in the world and are used in a wide variety of applications. Due to their extreme purity, white oils provide an effective use as a base, emollient, lubricant, release agent, binder or excipient in multiple product applications.

From paints, coatings and adhesives to pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics, people are touching or using our DRAKEOL products every day.

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Our manufacturing process delivers not only a high quality and safe product but is also very stable over time. Visit the Penreco site to learn more about our extensive line of DRAKEOL products, or click below to see how DRAKEOL is used in the agriculture and baking industries.

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Heavily credentialed to meet global standards and a trusted key ingredient for more than 100 years, Calumet’s white oils are often the foundation for many everyday items that help millions of people live and thrive.

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