A Wide Range of Solvents for Your Application Needs

Calumet produces a full line of aliphatic solvents ranging from hexanes and heptanes to mineral spirits and mineral seal oils. We are proud to have the only refinery dedicated specifically to solvents in the United States that produces solvents with a 24/7 production stream.

Our flagship refining facility in Cotton Valley, Louisiana, ensures the safety and security of supplies all year round. Cotton Valley intentionally produces solvents based on our customers’ needs, our solvents are not by-products or batch processed.

Our solvents meet the requirements for the everchanging regulatory concerns and are readily suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications such as aluminum rolling, printing ink, paints and coatings, consumer goods, adhesives/sealants, oil field friction reducers, water treatment and process fluids.

We are committed to your solvent production.

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Aliphatics Solvents Typical Properties