The CALTRAN® line of naphthenic transformer oils is a portfolio of customized products formulated to fully meet specific global electrical industry specifications to meet your specific requirements.

Developed by our own R&D group, our line of transformer oils are available in six grades and provide excellent dielectric properties, high thermal stability and good oxidation resistance.

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Calumet has more than 25 years of experience producing highly refined, clean and stable electrical insulating fluids.

Learn more about our transformer oils by downloading the CALTRAN brochures.


  • CALTRAN 60-08

  • CALTRAN 60-15

  • CALTRAN 60-30

  • CALTRAN N60-08

  • CALTRAN N60-15

  • CALTRAN N60-30


  • CALTRAN 60-08 C50A

  • CALTRAN 60-08 C50B

  • CALTRAN N60-30 C50A

  • CALTRAN 60-30 C50B

CALTRAN (IEC 60296:2020, Ed. 5)

  • CALTRAN 60-40 TVBI

  • CALTRAN 60-00 TVBU

Download CALTRAN Brochure
Download CALTRAN C50 Brochure
Download CALTRAN (IEC 60296:2020, Ed. 5) Brochure
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