Candles reinvigorate our personal spaces by providing a warm light and a refreshing scent. We’re proud to provide formulations not only for candles but for multiple wax applications.

Calumet is one of the few remaining North American producers of fully refined paraffin waxes, intermediate waxes and microcrystalline waxes. Built on transparent partnerships and expertise, our ability to manage custom formulations across multiple industries with consistent performance makes us a leading wax partner. Our vertical integration, from production to blending and packaging for unique application requirements, allows us to offer our customers multiple options over the competition.

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In addition to candle formulations, our refined waxes have application in most areas of wax consumption, including adhesives, flexible packaging, building materials, crayons, food, precision casting and more.



Whether you’re looking for paraffins, natural wax or a custom blend, Calumet has the expertise and offerings to provide you with the right wax for your needs. To learn more, please download the brochure.

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